Berner has Plans for 2013 Season with a Whole New Enthusiasm

Pete Berner has big plans for his 2013 Pro Stock season and it all starts Jan. 14-16. That’s when Berner will take his Summit Racing Equipment Camaro to Brandenton, Fla. for a three-day test session. This is a normal routine for the Summit Team as they
prepare for the upcoming race season. However, heading into this test session Berner’s rejuvenated enthusiasm is evident.“We ended last year on a positive note and over the winter we’ve done more improvements in everything from our engine program to my own
mental focus. A lot of the focus has come from conversations with my good friend, Tom Pierson. He reminded me that this team knows how to
win Championships and that we can get back to our best. These conversations with him, along with a renewed outlook have given me a
whole new enthusiasm for this season. Tom and Mark Eckman will be joining us in Florida for the test session. They’re great friends and
I’m looking forward to having them join us, offering their assistance and expertise.“We have several products and combinations we’ll be testing in Bradenton,” Berner continued. “We have a new product from Braswell
Carburetors that should give the fuel injection guys a run for their money, as well as a new tire combination from Hoosier and new
Aeromotive products. I’m looking forward to working with these latest innovations. I can’t say enough about the sponsors who have continued to support us throughout the years. Being able to give back a little and help them with R&D at test sessions is a privilege. Summit and Ram Clutches will also be back on board for 2013. I honestly believe I have the best team, manufacturers and sponsors behind this Camaro. It’s hard not to be excited about the 2013 season knowing that.

Berner plans to race at the X-DRL season-opening event, April 6-7 at Tulsa Raceway Park.

“I applaud both the XDRL and ADRL for giving us a platform to race on. This gives us the opportunity for more sponsorship exposure, and any racer knows how important that is.

“First, though, we’re heading to Florida,” Berner concluded. “Although, we’ll see excellent conditions and I’m sure the track will
be great, we’re not looking to set records. Our goal is to test these new products, as well as different engine combinations in order to get
a jump on the season and provide feedback for these manufacturers. DSC_2590It’s the first step to putting Team Summit back in the winner’s


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