• PRO X-TREME: No engine limitations help make this the quickest and fastest doorslammer class in the world!
  • PRO NITROUS: It’s all about the nitrous oxide, as nitrous feeds these nearly 900-inch cubic inch engines for jumbo horsepower!
  • X-TREME PRO STOCK: The quickest and fastest naturally-aspirated passenger cars, and some of the closest side-by-side drag racing you will ever see!
  • PRO TURBO: Only turbos here in this new and innovative class, and these turbocharged cars will provide plenty of power and excitement!
  • X-TREME PRO MOD: This class has it all, as supercharged, nitrous and turbocharged cars all compete in this action-packed legal weight class!
  • TOP DRAGSTER: Another new X-DRL class and this one promises to deliver plenty of fast times and thrilling action.
  • TOP SPORTSMAN: The premier place for sportsman racing, where these drivers have it all: reaction times, dial-ins and killer ETs and speeds!
  • PRO JUNIOR DRAGSTER: See the stars of tomorrow as these young men and women race battle it out with the best junior dragster racing in the world!
  • SUPERCAR SHOWDOWN: This class is all about the factory standouts meeting up to decide which car is the biggest and baddest!
  • ToddMartin_CROP

    Todd Martin

    NAME: Todd Martin CLASS: Pro X-Treme CAR: Garrett Race Cars ’68 Mustang ENGINE: 526 cubic-inch supercharged Hemi with Lencodrive HOMETOWN: Oklahoma RACING ACHIEVEMENTS: • Attended all 10 races during the 2012...

  • Kaley-Allen

    Kaley Allen

    Name: Kaley Allen Class: Pro Jr. Dragster Sponsor: Allen’s Used Cars Engine: S&W Car: 2010 Half Scale Home Town: Manchester, KY Achievements: Won ADRL 2011 World Finals

  • morganatorchamp

    Morgan Benfield

    Name: Morgan Benfield aka “The Morganator” Class: Pro Junior Dragster Car: 2010 Motivational Tubing Engine: Built by Roy Whaley of Whaley Motorsports / Clutch & carbs by Lynn Haddock, LTD Tires:...

  • Kenny-Carson_CROP

    Kenny Carson

    NAME: Kenny Carson CLASS: Pro Jr. Dragster SPONSORS: DAD, Craws Racing, Grandparents, W and S Motorsports CAR: 2013 Halfscale Extreme Swingarm HOMETOWN: Lebanon,Ohio   ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Have won 7 championships, division 3...

  • Caruso

    Caruso Family Racing

    Team: Caruso Family Racing Sponsors: Mickey Thompson, Lucas Oil, Cousin Greg Racing Drivers: Camrie Caruso & Ava Lawler ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Camrie Caruso: 15 years old will be competing in her sixth season...

  • Dan_Millen

    Dan Millen

    NAME: Dan Millen CLASS: Pro X-treme CAR: 2013 Mustang HOMETOWN: Dearborn, MI     BEST DOORSLAMMER FINISHES: • Competed in Pro X-treme in 2012 for first time • 2011 ADRL World Champion,...

  • Ashley_Cole

    Ashley Cole

    NAME: Ashley Cole CLASS: Pro Jr. Dragster CAR: ‘06 Halfscale Outlaw ENGINE: HP Sniper SPONSOR: To-A-Tee Custom Screen-Printing HOMETOWN: Avon, Indiana RACING ACHIEVEMENTS: 2011 marked the highlight of her 7 yr...

  • Jackson-Core-Headshot

    Jackson Core

    NAME: Jackson Core CLASS: Pro Jr. Dragster AGE: 13 RACING SINCE: 8 years of age CAR: 2011 “Hercules” junior dragster by JR Race Car, Inc. SPONSORS: JR Race Car; S &...

  • Pesz

    Brandon Pesz

    NAME: Brandon Pesz CLASS: Pro X-Treme CAR: Garrett Race Cars ’58 Corvette ENGINE: 526 cubic-inch supercharged Hemi with Lencodrive HOMETOWN: The Woodlands, TX RACING ACHIEVEMENTS: • Attended all 10 races during...

  • Monroe Guest

    Monroe Guest

    NAME: Monroe Guest CLASS: X-treme Pro Modified CAR: 2012 Chevrolet Camaro Black/White/Red ENGINE:838 cubic Inch Reher Morrison CURRENT RESIDENCE: Tulsa, Oklahoma CAR OWNER: Keith Haney SPONSORS: Keith Haney Racing, Lucas Oil....

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