Cecil County Officials Instrumental in Formation of New 10.5 Class for the X-DRL


The evolution of the Outlaw 10.5 class from it’s southern roots as a true ‘3,000 LB Run What You Brung’ to the modern-day rules is largely credited to David O’Donnel and Jim Halsey at Cecil County Dragway.

“We instituted the weight breaks for the ¼ mile and as the cars got faster, we adjusted to run the 1/8 mile but kept the weight breaks. This has allowed for growth within the class in the north east,” O’Donnel said. He went on to say the class is strong because of the parity created between nitrous, turbo and blower cars.

“We were excited when the X-DRL contacted us about using our rules and keeping the parity we worked so hard to create. They made some changes, mostly in the safety section, to meet X-DRL ASO and insurance requirements, but I didn’t have a problem with the changes,” O’Donnel continued.

“We anticipate a strong car count when we debut this new class at the Mayhem at the Creek at Maryland International Raceway later this month,” said Chris Bell, Director of Operations for the X-DRL.

“We were thrilled when Dave offered to come to the race and help with tech inspections. We want our team to learn from the best and make this class successful well into the future for the X-DRL,” Bell continued.

The current Cecil Dragway 1/8 mile record for this class is 4.11 ET held by TJ Kasper and Disomma holds the MPH at 196.

The X-DRL continues to work on sponsorship and should have an announcement soon to further fuel anticipation for this class debut.


Photo courtesy of Seth Cohen


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