Championship Purse Pay-outs


The X-DRL’s championship points fund will total an impressive $225,000 and spans all classes.

Each world champion will also be awarded a spectacular X-DRL championship trophy, championship ring, championship jacket and a “Championship Gold Card” that pre-registers the driver and their car for free for the entire 2014 X-DRL season.

In all, the X-DRL will award more than $1.15 million in prize money during its debut 2013 campaign.

The points fund will pay the top 8 competitors in the points standings in each class.



X-DRL X-Tra Bonus
In addition to the championship payout are two special “X-DRL X-tra” bonuses that award a cash payout to the points leader in each class after five races, and then one more for the driver who earns the most points over the final four events. The X-Tra bonus will award $2,500 to the driver in PX, PN, XPS, PM and PT  and $1,000 for TS and TD.


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