Dan Millen will debut a new Mustang in 2013


He will also be doing it in the X-DRL’s Pro X-treme class, adding another talented name to the class when the inaugural X-DRL season kicks off on April 6-7 at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.

One of the most successful Ford drivers in recent doorslammer history, Millen is a former world champion in a number of series, including the ADRL, NMCA, NMRA and the Arabian Drag Racing League. The popular driver made his Pro X-treme debut in 2012, running in the 3.60s for the first time in his career while holding his own in an older Mustang that he drove to a world championship in Extreme 10.5. Now, Millen will debut a new car from X-DRL sponsor Jerry Bickel Race Cars in the X-DRL’s Pro X-treme class, making him a certain championship contender.

The car went through a detailed process over the past year, and according to an article on Ford Racing Action, implemented a number of innovative ideas.

In an effort to make the car lighter, there is an extensive amount of titanium on the car, including one interesting tidbit (featured in the article):

The whole front section of the car before the tires is Titanium which had never been done before, except on the three most recent Bickel built cars.  Though it took a full year to build, Dan is happy with the results.

The other new features include 15-inch tires from X-DRL sponsor Mickey Thompson, as well as a number of forward-thinking innovations like no mounting brackets and putting the shifter in a better position.

Of course, the car looks outstanding and when you add in Millen’s considerable talent, you’ve got the combination of a championship contender.

To read more on Millen’s new Mustang and to check out a number of photos, check out the story at Ford Racing Nation: http://www.fordracingnation.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=433%3Adan-millen&catid=12%3Acar-profiles&Itemid=30


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