Dean Goforth’s Casing Service Sponsors Runner-Up Plaque in Every Class


Dean Goforth remembers being almost heartbroken finishing as a runner-up and not receiving a trophy or any piece of recognition following a race. He made sure that won’t happen to any runner-up in any class during the 2013 X-DRL season.

Goforth’s business, Dean’s Casing Service, is sponsoring special plaques that will be awarded to the runner-up in every class at each race in the X-DRL, beginning with this weekend’s X-DRL Spring Nationals at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.

The X-DRL introduced some impressive and innovative championship trophies that will be awarded to winners, and it was followed by Goforth sponsoring a runner-up award to honor even more drivers during the X-DRL’s inaugural season.

“I still think the runner-up works just as hard as the winner, and they should receive something for it,” Goforth said. “I told the X-DRL that this is something I’d like to do for every class, and it’s just something to help out those who finish as the runner-up. If you finish second, I think you would like to get something. I know I would.”

After discussing the possibility of the award with a number of people, Goforth presented the idea to the X-DRL, which immediately latched on to the idea.

Goforth’s son, Cary, also chimed in regarding the runner-up trophies for each class. Cary is a multi-time Pro Stock world champion and event winner, and agreed that racers who finish as the runner-up deserve recognition as well.

“This is something he said that needed to be done and I agree. I’m in total agreement that if you make it to finals you should get something for making it,” Cary said.” It’s so hard to get there in any class, so this is a pretty neat deal. I’m excited about it.”

Dean has received a positive response from racers and X-DRL executives for sponsoring the runner-up plaques as well, and he’s excited to see their reactions, giving twice as many people the chance to celebrate a memorable weekend in Tulsa – and for the entire 2013 season.

“I think the racers will enjoy it and I think it’s going to be good,” Dean said. “The X-DRL is starting out fresh, and I think this will be good for the X-DRL as well.”
Photos courtesy of Roger Richards


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