Leggett’s Partnership with Flying A Leads to Innovative Design

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Pro X-treme standout Terry Leggett and Flying A Motorsports Owner Alan Cape have a friendship going on 20 years after Leggett purchased a truck and trailer from Cape in the early 1990s.

That friendship has now led to a partnership for the 2013 X-DRL season that includes one “X-treme” rendition of Leggett’s truck and trailer.

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The picture of Leggett’s Flying A truck and trailer doing a wheelie with spouting flames will be prominently displayed on Leggett’s race trailer during the 2013 race season, starting with Leggett’s stop at next week’s X-DRL Thunder Valley Madness at Bristol Dragway.

Flying A Motorsports logo is also on Leggett’s PX Mustang, a sign that the partnership is off to a strong start (photo courtesy of Roger Richards).

“Alan and I have talked about it the last couple years. For me to get any help, it’s a great big help,” Leggett said. “Being real good friends for a long time, I’m hoping what little I can do for his business with having it on my car and trailer will help him, and I know he feels the same way.
“I’m looking real forward to it. It’s going to be a cool deal and I know it’s going to look really good.”

When it came to a creative idea to go on the side of Leggett’s trailer, Cape had just the answer, too. His logos have always featured a souped-up, cartoon look, giving a distinct edge to logos or graphics that have displayed trailers. It’s caught the attention of many customers and fans, and Cape went right to that look when it came to designing something for Leggett’s massive truck and trailer combination. With the thinking of the more the extreme the look, the more eyeballs that will check it out, Leggett was immediately on board with the design.

“It’s great promotion for me and it’s going to work out well for both of us. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be good advertising and it’s going to look good. It’s not your typical look on the side of the trailer,” Cape said. “It’s going to draw some eyes.

“We’ve been friends for a long time and he wanted to put something on his white trailer. I think this is going to be great.”

Leggett heads to the second X-DRL event with plenty of momentum, qualifying No. 1 at the X-DRL debut in Tulsa with a 3.71 at 204 mph. Racing close to home in Bristol is an added plus, but Leggett is just as thrilled to be working with Cape.

“Alan has helped a lot of people and has brought a lot to the table when it comes to support,” Leggett said. “He’s done a lot of great things and helped a lot, and I know the X-DRL is grateful to have him on board.”


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