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Anyone who has ever attended an X-DRL race knows the racing is non-stop and action packed. Drag racers have always embraced their fans and allowed them to have front row seats to witness all the action in the pits as well. From the ear splitting sounds and fuel fumes belching from the zoomies of a Pro X-Treme warming up, to a pro team’s thrash in the pits when something goes south with the power plant, it’s all there for fans to see and witness for themselves.

But, even with all the access fans are given to the X-DRL racers and pit action, the crowd still can’t experience everything that makes up each and every rocking cool X-DRL event without an insiders view, and that’s where me and several new contributors to THE HUB come in. Let’s start out my introduction just like we’re meeting in person at the track. Hi, I’m Brad Klaassen, but most people just call me Bad Brad. I’ve been around drag racing for a while and I eat, sleep, breathe, and sweat drag racing 24/7. It’s been my passion for as long as I can remember and now as I like to say, “I’m Living the Dream.” That’s right, not only am I a freelance photojournalist who covers drag racing events, but I’m also a crew member for the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, based Keith Haney Racing X-Treme Pro Mod team. Okay, so now you know a little about me, but where does that come into play for you, the X-DRL fan?

Well, it’s quite simple. On the X-DRL’s webpage starting right now, you can click on THE HUB tab and hang with me and the other contributors to not only read, but also see what we experience as your inside connection to all the X-DRL action. That’s right, follow along and you’ll be able to witness what it’s like to work on a Pro X-Treme team or get the inside scoop on the newest go fast products being displayed at the race in the Manufactures Midway or maybe talk with the low bucks racer who struggles to make it to any race, but refuses to give up because they love the sport of drag racing, X-DRL style.

So, here’s the deal. Click on THE HUB at the top of the page of the X-DRL website and follow along as we race our way through the rest of the X-DRL’s 2013 Season. You can leave comments at the end of each of our stories and let us know what you think or just want to say. If you have any story ideas you’d like to see us cover, put them in the comments section of THE HUB and we’ll do our best to make it happen. THE HUB is going to let you participate in this adventure as well, because we’re going to do this together and we’re going to have a blast. Also, if you see any of THE HUB contributors at the track be sure and give them a shout out because we’d love to meet you guys.

See you at the drags,
-Bad Brad


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  1. Kathy Perry

    June 22, 2013 at 1:30 am

    Hello Bad Brad!… I did not see you Saturday at the races. I look for to the HUB. See you in Maryland!!


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