Galot Motorsports Announces New Drag Racing Venture to Run in the X-DRL

Galot Motorsports

GALOT MOTORSPORTS has confirmed a partnership for 2013 with Todd “King Tut” Tutterow of WYO Motorsports to lead a newly-formed drag racing team. Having already established itself as a dominant force in the diesel tractor pulling field, Earl Wells’s GALOT will expand its scope for the upcoming racing season.

Tutterow, a legendary tuner and driver in the drag racing world, will be heading up the three-driver, four-car team. Currently a new flagship GALOT Motorsports car is in the works and is yet to be announced, however, the GALOT team will also be campaigning a Precision Turbo & Engine turbocharged Pro Turbo/Pro Extreme 1967 Shelby GT 500 Mustang driven by Tutterow, a Top Sportsman 1968 Pontiac Firebird driven by team member John Strickland, and a 2005 Pontiac Firebird driven by team member Kevin Rivenbark to be raced in local shootouts.

Having assembled a support staff of some of the biggest names in drag racing, partners for the GALOT new venture include Harry Hruska of Precision Turbo & Engine (PTE) who will be providing turbocharger and tuning expertise, Tom Jenkins from Advanced Fuel Ignition Systems (AFIS), John Meaney of BigStuff3 (BS3) for assistance and guidance with the well-known powertrain management system and Ainsley Jacobs on behalf of P*TEN Marketing (PTEN) who will handle the marketing, PR and social media functions of the team.

The GALOT team plans to attend races in both the ADRL and X-DRL series, as well as some NHRA Pro Mod races if scheduling allows.

Earl Wells’s GALOT Motorsports (pronounced “guh-LOT”) has been a major player in the diesel pulling world with the “Get A Load Of This” Super Farm as well as the “Get A Load Of That” Alcohol Super Stock tractors.


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