GALOT Motorsports’ Todd “King Tut” Tutterow & Kevin Rivenbark brought 2 supercharged cars to do Battle

GALOT 2013-04-2627 XDRL Tutterow

Switching from turbochargers to a blower setup with his 1967 Ford Mustang GT500, Tutterow put down a solid 3.800 at 204.01 MPH pass in the first round of Pro X-Treme qualifying. He then bested himself and went even quicker and faster with a 3.716 at 206.16 MPH run in the third. In the fourth and final round of qualifying on Saturday morning, Tutterow put in his best pass of the weekend; despite getting out of the groove and making a slight move towards the wall, Tutterow never lifted and ran a huge 3.672 at 205.10 MPH, wowing the crowds with his amazing performance! Watch a video of Tutterow’s best run at

Additionally, after all rounds of qualifying, teammate Rivenbark was ranked third overall for the X-Treme Pro Modified class in his 2005 Pontiac Firebird, clicking off a best run of 4.006 at 185.77 MPH!

About halfway through day two, just as Tutterow was lining up to make his first elimination run of the weekend, the weather took a turn for the worse. The skies let loose an unrelenting deluge of rain that persisted for the rest of the day, and consequently, both the Pro X-Treme and X-Treme Pro Mod classes were unable to run any elimination rounds.

The race is considered complete and points will be awarded for each X-DRL class based on what was finished during the weekend.

Next up, you can catch the GALOT Motorsports team at the Big Dog Shootout in Julian, NC on May 2 at Piedmont Dragway!


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