COMPETITION: X-DRL reserves the right to make adjustments to the rules of any class at any time, it is critical to have a process available to be able to keep competition safe, fair and close, and for all racers to be aware that this process is one that will be fair to all.

COMPETITION: All changes or other items of information pertaining to the rules will be published on the X-DRL website.

COMPETITION: X-DRL Event decals are required for all participating  vehicles, class sponsor decals may be required for all participating vehicles in a specified class. Non-approved decals or signage may be prohibited. A race vehicle will be permitted qualifying attempts if it is not in compliance with these requirements. In the event that a vehicle not in compliance with these requirements makes a qualifying run, that run may be disqualified.

X-DRL reserves the right to reject any decals, signs, names, advertising, promotion or graphics that it feels is inappropriate or unacceptable.

COMPETITION: CONTINGENCY DECALS: All Contingency decals must be the official size, design and color supplied by the Contingency sponsor for that purpose and must be applied to the SIDES so that they are visible on the SIDES of the vehicle.

It is be the participant’s responsibility to acquire the decals from the sponsors.

COMPETITION: CONTINGENCIES: Before the final round or at the conclusion of the event, the winning vehicles and runner-up vehicles will be inspected for contingency verification. This will include having the correct decals in the approved locations and having the appropriate part on the vehicle and in use. Any attempt by the participant to use fraud or deceit in any way, or to list parts not actually on the vehicle, will result in penalties, which may include the forfeiture of all contingencies, points and payouts.

COMPETITION: RACING FORMAT: Unless otherwise specified, all competition will be heads up, no break out, utilizing a Professional (.400) ’Christmas Tree’ starting device and at a distance of one-eighth of a mile (660ft). 

COMPETITION: QUALIFYING: To count as an official qualifying attempt, all cars must self-start, self-pre-stage, self-stage under its own power, and take the start signal for at least one of the qualification sessions. Under no circumstances will a push start be allowed.

COMPETITION: LADDERS: Once qualifying has concluded and a ladder has been established, pairings will not be changed, unless otherwise directed by the Competition Director. All qualified cars will be listed on the ladder, regardless of their potential difficulty or ability in making the first round of eliminations.  In the event that a qualified car is unable to make the first round call for eliminations, for any reason, no alternates will be inserted and the competitor in the opposite lane will have a competition bye run.

Any errors noted by a competitor as to his position on the ladder must be brought to the attention of the Competition Director in a timely manner after the ladder has been posted.

Eliminations in classes with 16 car fields will be run on a 16 car ladder with 12 or more entries. Any class with 11 or less entries will be run on an 8 car ladder.

Eliminations in classes with 32 car fields will be run on a 32 car ladder.

COMPETITION: QUALIFYING / ELIMINATIONS: During each event, there will be specific time scheduled for qualifying attempts and eliminations. However, due to weather, time curfews or other circumstances, X-DRL officials may alter the schedule.

During qualifying and eliminations, all competitors at the head of the staging lanes or the designated ready line must obey all signals or commands from the starting line or staging personnel including the command to fire. Competitors must fire and move forward within a reasonable amount of time. Competitors in non-paired classes will be allowed to move to the end of their qualifying class if they cannot fire before crossing the ready line. Competitors in paired classes must run in the order of their provided pairings. Final decisions regarding staging will be up to the Starter and/or the Competition Director. Any problems regarding engine starting, burnout procedure, pre-staging, staging and/or any problems or malfunctions with the starting line system will be handled or addressed by the starting line personnel or the Competition Director, whose decision will be final. Any questions pertaining to a potential infraction during a run, such as crossing the center line, etc., will be handled or addressed by the starting line personnel and/or the Competition Director. In the unlikely event of a starting line malfunction, specifically one that may require a rerun, the decision of the Competition Director will be final.

In the unlikely event of a malfunction of the starting line or finish line clocks, or an anomaly of the race vehicle, resulting in a non-legitimate or questionable elapsed time, top speed or lane winner signal, the Competition Director at his sole discretion may discount that run for the purposes of qualifying position, elimination round winner, lane choice or record run. If a competitor makes contact with a finish line timing block (et or mph) during qualifying, both runs will be thrown out unless the other competitor has already cleared the timing blocks. During eliminations, if a competitor makes contact with ANY timing block, that competitor will be disqualified on a 1st or worst basis. If during eliminations a competitor takes out a finish line timing block (et or mph), the winning driver WILL NOT receive lane choice in the following round.

All competition is measured based on a distance of 1/8th mile (660ft). It is the responsibility of the driver to end the acceleration of the vehicle at the finish line. Due it increased safety risk, failure to end the acceleration directly after crossing the finish line may result in disciplinary action up to and including disqualification from the event.

COMPETITION: BURNOUTS: All burnouts are restricted to the designated burnout areas. After the burnout is completed, the vehicle must back up under its own power to behind the pre-staging beam. Vehicles are not permitted to turn around on the track and drive back to the starting line. Any vehicle crossing the center line at any time during a burnout will be disqualified. No person is permitted to hold or touch the car during burnouts. No person is permitted to stand in front of the vehicle or any place in front of the drive wheels during the burnout unless he is behind the guard rail. Holding, touching or standing in front of the vehicle during the burnout will result in the run being disqualified.

COMPETITION: STAGING: A vehicle at the front of the staging lanes for a run indicates that it is prepared to fire and race. All vehicles must self-start, self-pre-stage and self-stage under their own power, final staging motion must be forward. This applies to single runs and dual runs in qualifying and eliminations. Push starting or push staging is not permitted. Plug in electric starters permitted for supercharged vehicles. Vehicles using plug-in starters or plug-in batteries may not plug those items back in to restart after the burnout has been started.

A reasonable amount of time, determined at the discretion of the starter will be permitted for drivers to stage. Failure to stage upon the starter’s instruction is grounds for disqualification. After proper staging and receiving the starters signal to go, restaging for a second time is prohibited. Any driver leaving the starting line before the start system is activated, including a driver on a single run will have their run disqualified. If both competitors leave the line before the start system is activated, both drivers will have their runs disqualified.

COMPETITION: ELIMINATIONS: In order to be a legitimate race winner of a particular round, a competitor’s car must self-start and self-stage under its own power and take the start signal. Any vehicle unable to self-start and self-stage under its own power to take the start signal, for any reason, will be declared the loser of that particular round of competition. Crossing the center line or impacting any timing equipment or impacting the guard wall is grounds for disqualification.

COMPETITION: LANE CHOICE: Lane choice will be determined by elapsed times. The driver with the quicker qualifying ET will be given first round lane choice. In subsequent rounds the lane choice will go to the driver with the quicker ET from the previous round. Pro Jr Dragster lane choice is determined by reaction time in the above described manor.

COMPETITION: RACE CLASSES: It is the participant’s responsibility to understand and abide by the rules, regulations, requirements and restrictions of the class that they chose to compete in. This includes complete knowledge and understanding of the safety rules and requirements contained in the X-DRL rulebook. The rules, regulations, requirements and restrictions for all contested classes are contained on the X-DRL website.

Failure of the participant to know, understand and abide by the rules, regulations, and safety requirements of their chosen class could result in disciplinary action and or disqualify the participant.

The X-DRL reserves the right to add, delete, merge or change classes at any time.

COMPETITION: REPLACEMENT VEHICLES: A Competitor may utilize a replacement vehicle under the following conditions at the discretion of the Technical Services Department.

  1. The original vehicle must be withdrawn from competition and cannot be reinstated in a competition at that event.
  2. The replacement vehicle must meet all class requirements for the same class and pass the technical inspection.
  3. Extra runs and or Check out runs for replacement vehicles will not be permitted.

COMPETITION: ASSUMPTION OF RISK:The participant agrees that by entering an event, the participant acknowledges that the event site is safe and suitable for racing and the participant acknowledges that by participating in the event the participant may suffer bodily injury, death, or loss or damage to property. The participant has voluntarily assumed the risk of such losses and waives any claims for such losses against X-DRL, its officials, the event sponsors, the race track operators and other participants and discharges such persons from responsibility for such losses and agrees not to sue such persons for such losses. All participants shall be required as a condition of participation to sign all required entry forms, including such releases as shall be required by X-DRL and their insurance policies. For purposes of clarification, the term “participant” shall include any person directly or indirectly associated with any vehicle which has been permitted to enter an event site, including, but not limited to owners, drivers, crew members, guests of participants, spectators or commercial vendors.

COMPETITION: TECHNICAL INSPECTION: All cars and drivers must pass the initial technical and safety inspection prior to competition. Class changes of a vehicle cannot be made after the Technical inspection has been completed without withdrawing the vehicle, reentering and resubmitting for technical inspection in the new class. Throughout the event and at any time, the technical and safety inspectors may re-inspect the car or driver to verify compliance with the class and safety rules. If inspection determines any non-compliance of the rules or regulations exist, the participant may have runs disqualified and or disqualified from the event. X-DRL Technical Services Department retains the right at any time during the event to inspect any vehicle for compliance to all rules.

Deviations or exceptions to the rules may be permitted, if in the opinion of X-DRL Technical Services Department those deviations or exceptions do not create a competitive advantage.

COMPETITION: DRIVER/CREW: All Competitors must have a valid state driver’s license, a valid X-DRL, NHRA or IHRA Competition License for the class level competing in and a current permanent number (as required).

All drivers, participants crew members, sponsors/vendors must wear proper attire when present in the staging lanes, starting line area, restricted and or competition areas of the race track. All starting line crew members and sponsors/vendors are required to wear matching collared shirts. Sponsor/Vendor shirts need to represent company of sponsor/vendor. A maximum of 6 crew members + the driver will be able to purchase non-transferable, restricted-area access  (3 + driver for PJD). Only crew members for the cars that are a ready line and forward will be allowed in the starting line area. A designated area will be provided for competitors and sponsors to view the starting line. 

COMPETITION: COMPETITION NUMBERS: All participants must have a competition number and class designation (PX, PN, PT, XPS, SCS, TS, TD, PJD) clearly visible on their windshield, side windows and rear window at all times during competition. Class designation and number may not be applied with shoe polish. Letters and numbers must be a minimum of three (3) inches high and one (1) inch wide. Failure to properly display assigned numbers and class designations may be grounds for disqualification or point’s loss. Competition numbers are assigned to the driver, not the car. If a driver changes vehicle, the previous driver’s number must be removed and new number applied in the appropriate manner.

COMPETITION: POINTS – GENERAL: All points are awarded to the driver and cannot be transferred under any circumstances. Points are not transferable from one class to another. If the event is disrupted after eliminations of that category are in progress, those contestants unable to compete will be awarded points up to the round completed.

COMPETITION: Points are awarded as follows:

Winner 500

Runner-up 400

Third round loser 300

Second round loser 200

First round loser 100

COMPETITION: Qualifying position earns points as follows:


COMPETITION: Additional points :

25 participation points to all competitors that attempt qualifying

250 points for attending all events for the scheduled season

50 points for E.T. Record (1% backup required)

50 points for MPH Record (1% backup required)

Points awarded for records are awarded to the holder at the completion of the event in which it is set.

In the event that a qualified competitor does not make the first round call an alternate will not be inserted under any circumstance. First round loser points and monetary awards will be awarded to the non-participating qualifier.

Points and/or monetary awards will be withheld from any contestant who is in non-compliance with the X-DRL mandatory decal requirements.

COMPETITION: Tie Breaker: In the event a tie should occur, the following procedure would be used to determine a winner.

1)         Most event wins.

2)         Most event runner-ups.

3)         Most event round wins.

4)         Most number of events entered.

If a tie still exists, the competitors will share the position equally.

COMPETITION: OILDOWN PENALTIES: To help eliminate downtime due to clean-up, penalties may be imposed for teams depositing fluids on the racing surface or shutdown area during qualifying or elimination rounds. Flagrant disregard or repeated violation will be subject to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the Director of Operations and or the Competition Director. Such action may involve points and/or monetary fines, denial of participation, and/or suspension of competition privileges.

COMPETITION: DISQUALIFICATION: Any contestant disqualified for non-compliance with any of the X-DRL rules, regulations, requirements or restrictions, is subject to forfeiture of all or a portion of any points earned or accumulated, including points from previous events and any monetary awards.

COMPETITION: RECORD CERTIFICATION: Record and back up runs will be permitted during qualifying and/or eliminations. The driver holding the record at the conclusion of the event will be e only one credited with the record and awarded the bonus points. All records must be backed up with an elapsed time or mile per hour that is within one percent (1%) of the tentative record time prior to the conclusion of the event. It will be the driver’s responsibility to have the record verified immediately after the run. Time slips (record and back-up) must be verified by an X-DRL Technical Services Department at the conclusion of the record-setting and back-up run.

COMPETITION: USE OF LIKENESS: In consideration of being allowed to enter and by being issued credentials to an X-DRL event, the vehicle owner, vehicle driver, all crewmembers, and other holders of event credentials agree as follows: All rights to the use of their likeness and their vehicles entered in the event as well as their activities at the site of the event, before, during and after the event and reasonably related to the event in regards to advertising, promotion, filming, recording, exhibition and other exploitations of the event.

COMPETITION: RAIN OUT POLICY: In the event of adverse weather conditions beyond our control, the X-DRL reserves the right to finish the event whatever it takes including revised start times, revised end times, canceling or rescheduling qualifying session(s) or finishing the event on the following day(s). However, if the X-DRL has determined that it is no longer viable to continue to wait to complete the event, that event will be considered complete and the following policies will remain in effect

  • If two or more rounds of qualifying have been completed but eliminations are unable to begin, then 100 points plus qualifying points will be awarded to the top 16 qualifiers (32 TS/TD) in each class, and  the event will be considered complete.
  • If two qualifying sessions are unable to be completed and no elimination rounds are completed, the event will be considered canceled. All racers with an event tech card will receive 25 points for participation.
  • If any elimination rounds are completed prior to an event being declared a rainout, points and payouts will be awarded to that point in the contest under the normal system and the event will be declared complete.

COMPETITION: PAYOUT POLICY: Payouts will be determined by X-DRL and will be made upon completion of each event.  Any payout, contingency, or other awards presented by any sponsor are not the responsibility of the X-DRL. The X-DRL will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any sponsor non-payment or bad checks. Should this occur, any action legal or otherwise shall be between the participant and the sponsor. Due to sponsor contingencies and contracts, it may be necessary to mandate sponsor decal location placement on vehicles prior to participation. It is the driver’s responsibility to procure and place all contingency decals on his/her vehicle. Decals must be in place for the entire event, including qualifying and eliminations.

Any paperwork or information required by X-DRL or any sponsor must be completed and submitted prior to the issuance of any payouts or awards.

All payouts will be made directly to drivers unless alternate arrangements with X-DRL Registration Officials are made prior to eliminations. Any participant experiencing irreparable damage and or does not make the next round call will be paid (if applicable) only through the last round of competition won.

COMPETITION: TOW VEHICLES / PIT SAFETY: Any misuse, reckless driving, speeding or unacceptable behavior in the pit area or anywhere on the racetrack facility property, by anyone operating a 2, 3 or 4-wheeled or any motorized or non-motorized vehicle is strictly prohibited and are grounds for disqualification and may lead to confiscation of vehicles and ejection of the owner and operator from the facility. REGISTERED RACE CAR PARTICIPANTS WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND MAY BE DISQUALIFIED IF ANYONE ON THEIR TEAM MISUSES A SUPPORT VEHICLE. Minors under the age of 16 are prohibited from operating any type of self-powered vehicle  on the race facility property including tow vehicles.

COMPETITION: GENERATORS: Vehicles must be secured no later than two (2) hours after the completion of the day’s activities. Failure to do so could result in the loss of the use of the vehicle until completion of the entire event and/or disqualification of the associated race vehicle.

All generators, air compressors, etc. that are powered by an internal combustion engine must have the exhaust directed up and above the top of the trailer, truck, RV, tent/awning, etc. and clear of other peoples pits. Generators must not be unreasonably loud or they may be required to be turned off.

COMPETITION: PROTEST PROCEDURE: Competitor protests must be filed with the Competition Director within one (1) hour after the conclusion of the final qualifying or elimination session.  The protest may only be filed by a driver competing in the same class as the vehicle being protested. The protest must be made towards a specific item or area of the race vehicle, (i.e. engine displacement, bore space, etc.) A protest fee of $1000 must accompany the official protest. If protested vehicle is found to be illegal, protest money is returned to the person bringing the protest. If the vehicle is found legal, $500 of the protest fee will go to the protested driver and $500 to the X-DRL.

X-DRL reserves the right to reject any protest that it determines is frivolous or intended to harass another competitor or to otherwise gain an unfair advantage.

Any competitor found not to be in compliance with the rules, regulations, restrictions and procedures as set forth by the X-DRL will be subject to disciplinary action including disqualification. Disqualification may lead to forfeiture of all or a portion of points and monetary awards.

Any work required and/or performed on the protested car will be performed by the owner and/or crewmembers of the protested car under supervision of the X-DRL Technical Services Department.

COMPETITION: PRE-RACE TESTING: Competitors are allowed to test at the venue holding the upcoming event until the Sunday preceding the event. Testing at the venue is prohibited beginning Monday of the week of the Event for any vehicle competing in the upcoming event. Any competitor violating this policy will not be allowed to compete at the effected event.

COMPETITION: CARBON FIBER: The use of Carbon Fiber tubing and or Carbon Fiber material for any steering component or structural component in any vehicle must be approved by the X-DRL Technical Services Department prior to construction and or competition.

COMPETITION: NITROUS OXIDE: All nitrous oxide systems used must be commercially produced and available. Nitrous bottle(s) installed in the driver’s compartment must be equipped with a relief valve and vented outside of driver’s compartment.  All Bottle(s) must be factory and permanently marked with DOT-1800 pound rating and be permanently mounted (no hose clamps or tie wraps permitted). All bottles in use must be pressure certified and marked/dated by the manufacturer or test facility. Bottles need to be re-certified at a minimum every 5 years. High pressure braided steel hose must be used to connect bottle(s) to solenoid. Commercially available, thermostatically controlled bottle warmers must be used for any bottle heating inside or outside of the vehicle. All other external heating methods or ignitable heating sources are prohibited and may be grounds for disqualification. The use of open flame is prohibited. All high pressure bottles must remain  secured in the race vehicle or hauler during the entire event.

COMPETITION: FUEL AND WEIGHT CHECK: X-DRL maintains the right to conduct random fuel and weight checks at any time and without prior notice. Failure to provide a fuel sample or submit the vehicle and driver to the scales when requested is grounds for disqualification.

COMPETITION: TAIL LIGHTS: At least one (1) working tail light  is required on any vehicle competing at X-DRL events. Tail light must be illuminated anytime the track lights are operating. Tail light must be on prior to the vehicle entering the staging beams and must remain on until the vehicle exits the racing surface. Tail lights must be visible from race control for the full length of the racing surface. Tail lights must be controlled from inside the driver’s compartment.

COMPETITION: CHASSIS CERTIFICATION: All vehicles competing must have a chassis that meets the guidelines set by the X-DRL and S.F.I. specifications for their respective class before being allowed into competition. The signing of the Tech Car  acknowledges that the chassis still meets the standards that were set to receive the chassis certification and have not been altered. Any alterations or repairs that are performed to the chassis in an area of the Chassis that is covered by the S.F.I. chassis specification will require the chassis to be re-certified.

COMPETITION: SFI SPECIFICATIONS: SFI Specification numbers, whether so stated or not, are the minimum mandatory specifications for the Item addressed. All competitors are required to understand the SFI Specs including (re)certification periods, as strict adherence will be enforced. Visit the SFI website for a complete list of specifications and maximum (re)certification periods.

COMPETITION: RESTRICTED AREA ACCESS: All drivers and participant crew members, must be properly attired when present in the staging lanes, starting line area, restricted area and/or competition areas of the race track. Drivers, crew members and sponsors may receive/purchase non-transferable, restricted-area access pass. A MAXIMUM of six (6) crew members will be allowed starting line access. All starting line crew members are REQUIRED to wear matching collared shirts. Additional crew members and/or sponsors with restricted area access passes will have access to a dedicated viewing area. Only crew members of the vehicles that are signaled to fire by the race master will be permitted to cross the ready line and proceed to the starting line area. Upon completion of its cars run the crew must exit the starting line area immediately. Crew members are not allowed access to the starter’s box. Red lights on the tree that are flashing indicate that EVERYONE  must exit the starting line area and return to the designated viewing area or behind the ready line. There will be one (1) verbal warning given, your 2nd offense will result in disqualification from the event and a loss of any and all points and/or monetary awards earned at the event.

COMPETITION: LEAVING THE EVENT: Race rigs and/or motorhomes are prohibited from leaving their pit spot until 1 hour after the last vehicle exits the racing surface. Any and all rigs leaving their pit spot prior to 1 hour after the conclusion of the event without prior expressed consent from an X-DRL Official will be issued a $1500 fine, loss of any and all points and/or monetary awards earned at the event or 250 points, whichever is higher and a two (2) race suspension on the 1st offense. 2nd offense will be issued a $2500 fine, loss of any and all points and/or monetary awards earned at the event or 250 points, whichever is higher and a one (1) year suspension.

COMPETITION: GENERAL GUIDELINES: X-DRL reserves the right to change, modify, add, or eliminate specific class rules, specific race classes, regulations, procedures, restrictions, payouts, awards or entry fees at any time and without advance notice and at the discretion of the Director of Operations.

X-DRL reserves the right to prohibit or deny participation at any event to anyone, in any capacity, at any time and for any reason deemed appropriate by X-DRL.

The driver and or Team owner is responsible for following the Rules and Regulations set forth by X-DRL as they pertain to you, your crew, as well as the race and support vehicles. 

COMPETITION: PARTICIPANT CONDUCT: All participants at X-DRL events are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and non-disruptive manner consistent with good sportsmanship. The X-DRL’s role is one as a family-oriented sports  organization with events suitable for attendance by all and suitable for unrestricted viewing by the general  public. A participant is any person including but not limited to drivers, car owners, crew members, or sponsors. Any participant who verbally or physically threatens another person; uses vulgar or derogatory language; engages in unsportsmanlike conduct; engages in conduct detrimental to the sport of racing; otherwise creates a condition or circumstance that is unsafe, unfair, or out of order; or otherwise violates any X-DRL rule, regulation or agreement, will have violated this rule regarding participant conduct and will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. In the event that a participant feels that another has violated the participant conduct agreement, they should submit a report to an X-DRL Official in writing as soon as possible. At which time the X-DRL will investigate the allegation and determine if disciplinary actions are required. Verbal altercations will be addressed on a case by case basis; any altercation resulting in physical contact will result in a minimum $5000 fine and 1 race suspension of the team member(s) and or team(s) involved, as determined  by the X-DRL. Any violation of the participant conduct agreement towards an X-DRL Official will result in immediate  disciplinary actions. 1st offense / $2,500 fine and a 10 race suspension, 2nd offense / $10,000 fine and a 50 race suspension. The X-DRL is a private, voluntary association. While the X-DRL welcomes all participants, participation requires an agreement by all participants to abide by all X-DRL rules, regulations and agreements, including, but not limited to, those in the XDRL Rulebook. Drivers and or team owners agree by the signing of the participant’s tech card and or restricted area access waivers to be responsible for all of their team members and or guests.

COMPETITION: COMPLIANCE OF RULES: Each participant expressly agrees that by entering an X-DRL event, the participant will be bound by all of the decisions, rules and regulations of X-DRL, including all procedures provided for in the X-DRL rules and by the decisions, rules and regulations which are applicable to a particular event, and the host track’s sanctioning body. The participant agrees to be bound by and abide by the decisions of the Competition Director, its designee and all other X-DRL officials. The participant also agrees that all decisions made before, during or after an event are final and may not be appealed or made part of, or the basis of, litigation and hereby agrees to release and waive from liability and not to bring any action against the X-DRL, their designees, the race track operator, track safety equipment, event sponsors and all other event officials for any loss, damage or injury caused by malfunctioning electronic or mechanical equipment whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

The participant further agrees that any dispute concerning any event, the rules and regulations of X-DRL or any decisions rendered by X-DRL or X-DRL officials, shall be resolved pursuant to the procedures provided for in this General Regulations and Administration Procedures section.

The participant agrees to indemnify and to hold X-DRL harmless for any costs or loss incurred as a result of the failure of the participant to comply with the rules, regulations and procedures provided for herein.

Upon the discovery of any irregular component not specifically addressed by X-DRL, it will be considered non-allowable, unless otherwise authorized by an X-DRL official. In some instances, a one race rule exception for a specific component may be given to a participant by the Director of Operations, if in his judgment, the infraction does not create a competitive advantage in the participant’s category.

Any vehicle and/or driver that runs quicker or faster than the required or mandatory safety equipment (including protective clothing) for his elapsed time or speed, at any time during the event, shall be disqualified from further competition at the event. This will be at the discretion of X-DRL officials, with no second chances permitted and no refunds for any entry fees.


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