Goforth Excited About Season Debut at Home Track in Tulsa


The debut event for the X-treme Drag Racing League carries extra meaning for the two-car Goforth Racing team of Cary and Dean Goforth.

Cary is going after a Pro Stock world championship for a fourth straight year, but both will begin their X-DRL careers at this weekend’s X-DRL Spring Nationals at a track the family has enjoyed for years. The Spring Nationals take place at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, which makes it less than a 90-minute drive for the Goforths.

It’s been a constant test facility to keep them at the top of the Pro Stock pack, and Cary has always held the track in high regard.

“It’s a wonderful facility and we are always treated so well there. One good thing about being able to test there is you rarely ever don’t get down the track. It’s a world-class surface,” Goforth said. “You don’t get a whole lot of mineshaft conditions there, but I can tell you that racing there this time of year is going to be beautiful and you’re going to see a lot of good runs. This track can take pretty much whatever you can give it.”

As far as what Goforth expects from the X-DRL’s debut event in its inaugural season, he is predicting big things. The Tulsa area has consistently been a strong racing market and the show the X-DRL is bringing to the facility and the outstanding promotions efforts of the track, it could make for a huge audience.

“I’m absolutely excited about this weekend and I’m confident that there will be a good crowd,” Goforth said. “The people in the surrounding area have always supported the track and, really, it seems like that support has gotten even better here lately.

“We all knew we could have lost the track, and I’m thankful for guys like Keith (Haney) and Todd (Martin) to have saved the track. I have all the confidence in the world the X-DRL is going to have a real good crowd.”

Goforth and his father have had strong success at Tulsa over the years, with Cary clinching a championship at the track in 2010 in the Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association. That was the start of an amazing run for Cary and it’s continued to the present day. He won two ADRL Pro Stock championships, and driving a Jerry Haas Race Cars GXP powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines, Cary is one of the favorites to win the first world championship in the X-DRL.

Dean, whose Jerry Haas Race Cars GXP features an EFI set-up from Sonny’s, is a viable contender as well.

“Dad is pretty excited about the EFI thing, and we’re hoping we can both go in and make a big splash. It’s a long season, but it’s still important to come out and make a statement, especially when you’re racing at your home track,” Goforth said. “I think both cars are plenty capable of making a statement, so hopefully we can go in and make a big splash.”


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