Introducing: “Cool It” Transmission Cooling Unit


The rise of converter driven race cars in recent years has brought attention to the issue of correctly cooling a transmission between runs. To combat the issue, homemade cooling units using plastic beer coolers and small pumps have been created and used with little success. Recently, Tim McAmis Performance Parts took on the challenge to develop a reliable and effective system to solve this problem and the result was “Cool It.”

Cool It was designed with two stages of cooling which allow the unit to drop transmission fluid temperature in the shortest amount of time ever seen. The first stage uses a heat sink with a cooling fan while the second stage runs the fluid though an ice bath coil. On average, it now takes less than 15 minutes to achieve the proper transmission temperature while using Cool It.

Cool It features a ½ hp 120V pump coupled with a bronze high speed pump. Each unit comes standard with twelve foot supply and return lines along with Jiffy-tite quick connect fittings. All units are also constructed with a heavy duty aluminum cabinet structure and black powder coat finish.

If your racing operation demands high quality equipment built to do the job right, “Cool It” was made for you. If a plastic beer cooler suits your needs you might need to consider dirt track racing.

Cool It is proudly Made In The USA.

Product Specifications:

· 1/2 HP 120V Pump, 5 GPM

· Two Stage Cooling

· Stage 1 – Heat Exchanger with Fan

· Stage 2 – Cooling Coil in Ice Bath

· Heavy Duty Aluminum Cabinet with Casters

· Black Powder Coat Finish

· Jiffy-tite Quick Connect Fittings

· 12’ Supply and Return Hose

· Temperature Gauge for monitoring current fluid temperature.

· Measures 35” Tall, 31” Wide and 18” Deep

· Made in the USA


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