Jerry Bickel Race Cars Latest Chassis Builder To Show Support For X-DRL In Upcoming 2013 Season

Updated: December 26, 2012
A look at a chassis by Jerry Bickel Race Cars

(December 20, 2012) – The impressive list of supporters for the new X-treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL) continues to grow in rapid fashion, and the latest partnership comes from another major chassis builder in the industry.

The X-DRL, a premier 1/8-mile sanctioning body, is pleased to announce that Jerry Bickel Race Cars has signed as a sponsor for the X-DRL’s debut season in 2013, which kicks off April 6-7 in Tulsa.

“We are thrilled to work with the X-DRL in 2013. We are going to have a lot of our customers running there, so this is something that we really want to support,” said Bickel, who operates out of a state-of-the-art facility in Moscow Mills, Mo.

“I was happy to see the X-DRL formed. Most of our customers run a nitrous or blower car, and they need a place to race. The X-DRL provides that and you know with the X-DRL and the team it has in place you’re going to get outstanding track surfaces and a great place to race.”
Jerry Bickel Race Cars will have a noticeable presence at each event on the 2013 X-DRL schedule, which includes stops at zMAX Dragway in Charlotte, Bristol Dragway and Bickel’s home track in St. Louis.

His list of customers includes a vast array of world champions like Bob Rahaim, Dan Millen, Burton Auxier, Rickie Smith, Von Smith, Mike Castellana and many more.

His 2012 Camaro has proven to be extremely popular, and it was used by Pro Stock standout Todd Hoerner, while other marquee customers include Robert Patrick Jr., Chuck Mohn, Lizzy Musi and many more.

Bickel has also a number of customers who drive turbocharged cars, including world-record holder Jose Gonzalez, which made him an instant fan of the X-DRL’s Pro Turbo class, an innovative new category that will features only turbo cars competing against each other.

“I know that’s going to be a really good class and it was a great idea, giving them a places where they’re only running against turbo cars. It’s going to be pretty cool to see that class in action,” Bickel said.

“I really thought the Pro Turbo class was one of the neatest deals with the X-DRL.”

Of course, Bickel and his standout team produce more than turbo cars, delivering award-winning chassis for other X-DRL categories like Pro X-treme, Pro Nitrous, X-treme Pro Mod, X-treme Pro Stock and Top Sportsman.

In fact, they recently completed a blower car in less than five weeks, something Bickel attributed to a tremendous staff at a facility has also proven to be a one-stop shop for racers. The facility includes a body shop, parts shop and paint shop, and is capable of car assembly and manufacturing, allowing JBRC to come up with plenty of unique innovations.

“We now have a chassis for nitrous cars, one for the turbo cars and now a chassis for the blower cars, and we’re real pleased with that,” Bickel said. “That’s something we’ve really focused on developing over the years.

“We’ve developed our nitrous and turbo chassis’ with input from some of the top guys, and now we’ve developed our blower chassis with input from Howard Moon and Frank Manzo. We feel confident we’ve got a good package with the blower cars and we’re real happy with the progress. We’ve come a long way.”
That type of forward thinking and innovation has continuously made JBRC an industry leader and a major reason why the X-DRL is excited to have formed the partnership for 2013.

“It’s tremendous for the X-DRL to have companies like Jerry Bickel Race Cars on board for the 2013 season, and that support will allow us to continue to grow and present an incredible product in our debut season,” X-DRL Account Executive Keith Goolsby said.

“Their dedication to the customers and the sport has always been impressive and a testament to their desire to continue to see drag racing reach new heights.”


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