Lethal Threat Racing Announces Associate Sponsorship Deals with LAT Oil & Trick Titanium


After a standout season in the Pro X-treme world a year ago, Lethal Threat Racing, which features the standout cars of Todd Martin and Brandon Pesz, has already built significant momentum for the 2013 season in the X-DRL’s Pro X-Treme class.

The Lethal Threat Racing team announced associate sponsorship deals with LAT Oil and Trick Titanium for the 2013 drag racing season, which kicks off in April with the debut X-DRL event in its inaugural season.


“We’re excited to be working with such great companies like LAT Racing Oils and Trick Titanium in 2013. We’re still currently searching for major sponsorship for the ’68 Mustang or the ’58 Corvette, but it’s outstanding to have support from the likes of LAT and Trick Titanium,” said team owner Martin, who drives the supercharged ’68 Mustang.

“It’s a significant boost to the Lethal Threat Racing team to be working with a pair of standout companies, and we think it’s going to lead to great things in the 2013 season.”


Lethal Threat Racing will have additional associate sponsors to announce in the coming weeks, but the initial sponsorships with LAT Racing Oils and Trick Titanium gives the two-car team a strong boost heading into the season, which begins for them on April 6-7 with the X-DRL Spring Nationals at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.

With more than four decades of experience in high-performance racing, LAT Racing Oils has been a preferred choice when it comes to the highest-quality lubricants for extreme racing.

Pesz and Martin, who also co-own Lethal Acceleration, a builder of high-quality motors for top doorslammer drivers, quickly formed a strong relationship with LAT, also making Lethal Acceleration Oklahoma’s premier dealer when it comes to LAT’s transmission fluids, motor oil and rear-end fluid.

Both Martin’s Mustang and Pesz’s Corvette will run LAT products in 2013, and Lethal Threat Racing will also be carrying additional LAT product to sell to racing teams at each event it races.

“LAT Racing Oils are a premier brand in the industry and we’re thankful we will have them in both of our cars,” Pesz said. “It’s beneficial to our performance to have high-quality products like LAT in our cars, and also for the customers of Lethal Acceleration. Using LAT gives them confidence that they won’t have oil issues in their cars.”

The Lethal Threat Racing team also finished a busy off-season making tremendous improvements to the car as they battle for a world championship in the X-DRL’s Pro X-treme class. In all, almost 60 pounds were removed from each car as Lethal Threat Racing moves towards its season opener. Martin ran as quick as the low 3.60s in advancing to two ADRL semifinals in 2012, while Pesz recorded a career-best 3.587 at Dallas and advanced to an ADRL final in Memphis, finishing ninth in the Pro Extreme points standings.


Both Pesz and Martin are looking to build on that as they excitedly prepare for the highly-anticipated 2013 X-DRL season.

“With these two associate sponsorship deals and more coming, we’re definitely excited to get racing,” Martin said. “We just got our blowers back and we finished the cars up, and hopefully we will be testing (soon) in Tulsa. Lethal Threat Racing has championship aspirations for 2013 and there’s a lot of high hopes for the upcoming year.”


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