PX Standout Stott To Bring Gasser Exhibition For X-DRL Mayhem at the Creek at MIR


The new X-Treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL) is already bringing many of the world’s quickest and fastest doorslammers to Maryland International Raceway for this week’s X-DRL Mayhem at the Creek (July 26-27).

Now, thanks to one of its standouts in Pro X-Treme (PX), the X-DRL’s fifth-ever event will have a touch of nostalgia to go with all of the 200-plus mph action. The X-DRL announced that PX standout and Pro Mod legend Quain Stott will be bringing two period-correct gassers to the event to make special exhibition passes during the two-day event, adding another special bonus for what will be a memorable X-DRL debut at historic Maryland International Raceway.

The two gassers will include Stott’s ’41 Willys “Executioner,” and a ’48 Anglia named “White Trash” driven by Donovan Stott.

“This is really exciting for me and I have to thank the X-DRL and MIR for helping make it happen. We brought the gassers to the X-DRL event at Bristol Raceway and it went over well so I think the fans at Maryland are really going to love it,” said Stott, a Pro Mod world champion and multi-time event winner.

“I love MIR and, of course, the gassers raced at MIR back in the day. They were real big at this track and it will be kind of neat to repeat history. These cars were the stepping-stones to what we’re driving now.”

The cars in the X-DRL’s PX class at MIR, including Stott’s LeeBoy Corvette, will run in the 3.60s and at speed of more than 200 mph, but the gassers could be just as entertaining, running in the 5.90s in the eighth-mile at more than 120 mph.

Willys engine

They feature a four-speed stick shift, old-style suspension, mechanical fuel injection and every other stunning detail that makes them period correct. Their driving style also makes the gassers a favorite with the fans, and Stott thinks the MIR crowd will enjoy the nostalgic touch during the X-DRL weekend.

“It’s going to be exciting to race these in front of a big crowd. I think the fans will really like the 4-speeds in these cars. We’re all over the track, got the wheels in the air and these are just high-revvin’ and gear-jamming cars. It’s going to be a lot of fun for the fans,” Stott said. “It’s going to be cool.”

X-DRL Mayhem at the Creek kicks off with the first of three qualifying sessions at 3 p.m. on Friday. Saturday’s action starts with the final round of qualifying at 1:00 pm and eliminations to follow.

“We want to thank Quain for bringing these gassers to the Mayhem at the Creek,” X-DRL Account Executive Keith Goolsby said. “Royce Miller and the folks at MIR do such a fantastic job on promotions, we expect a great crowd and we really think it ensures an action-packed weekend for all race fans.”

It also ensures that Stott will have a busy two days. In addition to his gasser and PX driving duties, the noted tuner also calls the shots for rookie Pro Modified driver T.J. Tindle, which means Stott will have very little down time in Maryland.

But he likely wouldn’t have it any other way. “I watched these cars as a kid and I loved them, and they just give you an incredible thrill,” Quain said. “We want to take the older folks on a trip down memory lane and we want the younger fans to see the history of where we came from.”

For more information about the X-DRL Mayhem at the Creek, please visit www.mirdrag.com or call 301-884-9833.


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