Recchia Goes Radically Different Debuting New X-DRL Pro X-treme Camaro


Mike Recchia wanted something unique when he chose his new Pro X-treme car and this time he let his son have the final say. Mikey decided on a 1969 Camaro Pace Car and unique would be putting it mildly when describing the team’s new ride.

Modeled after the ’69 Camaro Pace Car – right down to the white body and orange stripes – and built by Garrett Race Cars, Recchia’s car also features a black convertible top crafted specifically for the car.

It turned out being a brilliant touch on a striking car, which made its official debut at the X-DRL’s debut event, the X-DRL Spring Nationals at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.

“I wanted to do something different I’ve never seen a convertible Pro Mod,” Mikey said. “Originally, we were going to do a Bandit, but I liked this type of car better. I always liked the Pro Mod cars that looked more like street cars, and this one really stood out to me.”

It turned into a show-stealer on Saturday at Tulsa Raceway Park, at least when it came to looks. The team continued to work out the kinks on the new car in terms of getting it down the track, but there’s no question the car turned several heads.

Mikey said he pondered about the convertible top at work and ultimately the team decided to give that unique twist a try. The black convertible top worked out perfectly in terms of appearance and it earned big approval from both father and son.

“It looks amazing. Garrett did a phenomenal job,” Mikey said.
Added Mike: “It was a cool idea and I just wanted it to go fast. Garrett built a beautiful car and I think it looks awesome.”

Recchia’s new PX car was one of several new cars to make their debut at the X-DRL season opener. They spanned nearly every class and drew rave reviews from the big crowd Saturday in Tulsa.

Recchia’s new Camaro was certainly among that group, but his next hope is to solve the new car blues.

They swapped out the torque converter, but had yet to make a full pass through Saturday’s first two qualifying sessions. But he’s hopeful more track time will yield quick improvements. The team didn’t get a chance to test before the Spring Nationals, jumping right into the mix in Tulsa.
“This car has never seen the track until now,” Recchia said. “I think we’ll get it figured out.”

Photo courtesy of Steven Wilson


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