Record-Breaking Runs Continue at Qatar

Alex Hossler decided it was his turn in the spotlight on Thursday in Qatar, and his day ended with the quickest 1/8-mile run ever in doorslammer history.


Driving a new Al-Anabi Racing Pro Extreme Camaro from X-DRL sponsor Jerry Bickel Race Cars during the Arabian Drag Racing League’s Round 2 qualifying at Qatar Racing Club, Hossler recorded the two quickest times ever for a doorslammer, finishing his magical day with an unbelievable 3.544 at 212.36 mph to set the record. During the second qualifying session, Hossler went 3.550 to top the 3.558 that Matt Smith ran two years ago in Qatar, but Hossler and legendary tuner Frank Manzo were simply getting warmed up.


Amazing track conditions presented the opportunity for a new world record, and Hossler, who continues to enjoy immense success in Qatar, grabbed it with the 3.544 that shattered Smith’s record. Frankie Taylor, the Round 1 winner at QRC, put together another strong day with a 3.56 and 3.58, while Joey Martin and Von Smith both had solid days in Pro Extreme. Mike Castellana, who set the Pro Nitrous world record with a 3.721 en route to his Round 1 win, again paced the PN field by going 3.75. Round 2 eliminations in Qatar take place on Friday at QRC.

To read an in-depth report on all the Round 2 Arabian Drag Racing League happenings at the Qatar Racing Club, be sure to check out Bret Kepner’s detailed Round 2 qualifying rundown at Competition Plus.

Click below to watch Hossler’s record-breaking run:


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