GALOT MOTORSPORTS’ Pro Mod driver Kevin Rivenbark took home the Pro Mod class win at the X-DRL race at Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, MD on July 26-28, 2013.

Fresh off another Pro Mod win at the last X-DRL race in St. Louis, MO, Rivenbark pressed hard during qualifying and was able to rank second overall with a 3.970 at 168.03 MPH run during session two in his supercharged 2002 Pontiac Firebird. Opting to sit out Q3 to make some adjustments to the car, Rivenbark came back for Q4 to go 3.999 at 187.36 MPH, bumping up his best qualifying trap speed by almost 20 MPH.

Rain delays pushed eliminations into Sunday, but sunny skies revealed success for Rivenbark on race day. Heading into the first round, Rivenbark was able to overtake his opponent by the 330-foot mark and held the lead the rest of the way down the track to trigger the win lights in his lane. In the final round, Rivenbark had a solid launch and left the start well. Running his quickest and fastest pass of the event, the scoreboards lit up as Rivenbark flew through the traps and showed the crowds what they were hoping to see – a 3.906 at 188.81 MPH run put the GALOT driver into the winner’s circle!

Rivenbark now has two X-DRL Pro Mod wins and two runner-up finishes under his belt for the 2013 season.

Fellow GALOT driver Todd Tutterow qualified well during Pro X-Treme in his supercharged 1967 Ford Mustang GT500. In Q2, Tutterow went 3.748 at 205.44 MPH which placed him fifth overall. Besting himself in Q3, Tutterow’s 3.702 at 207.37 MPH pass wound up being his strongest qualifying run and at the end of round four, King Tut was seated in the six spot. Despite a huge holeshot advantage in the first round of eliminations, sadly Tutterow was not able to hang on to the lead at the big end and was out.


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