Schedule Adjusted to Take Advantage of Weather at Budd’s Creek


Maryland International Raceway and X-DRL officials are pleased to announce the schedule will be adjusted to accommodate the optimal weather forecast for Mayhem at the Creek. Friday eliminations will not start until 3:00 pm, with the second session scheduled to run at 5:30 pm and the third round (Mayhem Qualifying under the Lights) to start at 8:00. The final qualifying session will be run on Saturday at 1:00 pm with eliminations starting at 4:00 pm and “Fast 8 Eliminations” starting at 7:00 pm.

“We believe this schedule gives the racers the best opportunity to take advantage of the cooler air Friday night and we hope to see some of the fastest times of the year,” said X-DRL president Jeff Mitchell.

The racers are on board as well. “We think the adjusted schedule along with the fantastic weather and altitude will give us a legitimate shot to run in the 50’s,” said Pro X-Treme points leader Brandon Pesz.

The X-Treme Gateway Showdown Pro X-Treme final between Pesz and Tindle will be run in qualifying under the lights and promises to be an exciting match up.


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