Stupid Fast Time Posted in Qatar


Frankie Taylor is off to a fine start at the Qatar Racing Club, putting together two of the best passes in Pro X-treme history during qualifying of Round 1 of the five-race Arabian Drag Racing League in Qatar.
Taylor, a former world champ, blistered the track to the tune of 3.58 at 213.16 mph and 3.563 at 214.42 mph during his two qualifying passes on Thursday. Yes, that’s simply amazing, and the 3.563 is the second-quickest pass in doorslammer history. It’s topped by only the 3.55 that Matt Smith ran in Qatar in 2011, but Taylor may run that one down soon enough.
As for records, the back-to-back speed runs are the fastest consecutive passes in doorslammer history!
Not bad for the first day of qualifying in Qatar, which leads us to believe things are only going to get even crazier during Friday’s race. Check back tomorrow for the full rundown of race results from Round 1 at QRC.
To see the live feed coverage, go to:


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