Terry Leggett


NAME: Terry W. Leggett

CLASS: Pro X-Treme

CAR: 2009 Ford Mustang Built by Alan Pittman Race Cars

ENGINE: Brad Anderson Motor

HOMETOWN: Pinetown, NC

SPONSORS: Terry Leggett Logging & Trucking, Inc., Flying A Motorsports, Cam 2, Blue Blood Racing Oil



Terry got into cars at an early age. He always liked to tinker on motors and when he was a young teenager he visited a racetrack with a neighbor and the fever was ignited. He started off in 1978 by entering the Top Sportsman’s class with a modified ’56 T-Bird, which was one of the original cars in the Pro Modified craze. Terry has always felt it is very important to look good at the track and has won several awards throughout the years from best engineered car, to best appearing car, to best appearing crew.

Terry has gone from Pro-Mod to Pro Stock and back to Pro Mod but he always loved the big mount motors. So, when the ADRL brought outlaw racing and blowers into their classes, he was one of the first in line.


Terry Leggett ran two cars last year in the 2012 ADRL circuit. Leggett drove his TM ’09 Ford Mustang in the PX category and came in 6th in the points. His other car, also a TM ’09 Ford Mustang was run in the Ten-Five category and was driven by Alan Pittman. Leggett had a winning combination with that car, which ended up winning the Ten-Five championship in 2012.



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