The fastest 1/8-mile driver in doorslammer history is coming to the X-treme Drag Racing League in 2013.


Yes, none other than former Pro Extreme champion Frankie “Mad Man” Taylor will be racing the full X-DRL schedule in 2013. The new X-DRL kicks off its inaugural season on April 6-7 at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park and its nine-race schedule includes stops at many of the nation’s most prestigious tracks.

In Taylor, the X-DRL will be able to showcase one of the world’s top and most extreme drivers, and also someone who is officially the fastest 1/8-mile driver in both the United States and worldwide.

Less than two weeks ago en route to his fourth career victory in the Arabian Drag Racing League, Taylor, who is sponsored by Stupid Fast Racing, set a new world record by going 214.42 mph.

In October, Taylor re-set the 1/8-mile record in the United States by going 212.19 mph. Of course, Taylor is also the name beside the quickest 1/8-mile pass in United States history, going 3.577 in October. His 3.581 is the official United States record, and he’ll undoubtedly be a name to watch in the X-DRL in 2013.

“We are thrilled to have a talent like Frankie Taylor racing with the X-DRL in 2013. When you think of the top and the most exciting doorslammer drivers in the sport, Frankie Taylor is always in that conversation,” X-DRL Co-Owner Jeff Mitchell said. “Frankie has been a fan favorite for years with his incredible racing style and colorful personality. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, and we couldn’t be more pleased than to have a driver like Frankie racing with the X-DRL this upcoming season. We have a lot of excitement planned for racing fans during our debut season, and Frankie is one of those drivers who will always provide plenty of non-stop action for race fans.”

Taylor and his family-based team won a world championship in 2010 and have long been a top draw in the sport. He became the first driver in 1/8-mile history to reach the 3.50s and his relentless desire for speed has provided many of the top moments in door slammer history. In all, Taylor has won three events in the Pro X-treme class and will be looking for more and possibly an X-DRL world championship in the debut season for the new eighth-mile sanctioning body.


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