The X-DRL has Mayhem at the Creek Covered


The new X-treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL) will have every angle  covered at this weekend’s X-DRL Mayhem at the Creek at Maryland International Raceway. In fact, the X-DRL will give fans an abundance of options to make viewing the race as easy and as comprehensive as possible.

The X-DRL is working with a number of industry leaders to give fans the most in-depth and convenient way to watch the action-packed Mayhem at the Creek and make it as easy as possible in the process.
The following is a list of what the X-DRL is providing to fans to keep them covered at their convenience.


VELOCITY TELEVISION NETWORK: Relive the action on Velocity – they will be at Mayhem at the Creek on Saturday to record the X-DRL series. The X-DRL broadcasts on Velocity will air during the fourth quarter of 2013 on Sunday afternoons with a repeat on Thursday evening and one other time each week.
Velocity by Discovery, an upscale male lifestyle national television network formerly known as HD Theater and Discovery HD Theater, is currently available in nearly 50 million homes and continues to grow at a strong rate. It features more than 400 premiere hours of new and returning series and specials showcasing the best of the automotive, sports and leisure, adventure, and travel genres.


GEDDEX RACE ALERT SYSTEM: Experience the X-DRL events the way you want to watch it.

The X-DRL is thrilled to announce the addition of a new texting program that will greatly benefit race teams, drivers and fans. Unlike other texting programs, there is no need to sign up at each event.
It can be used at every X-DRL event and offers important pre-event and in-race announcements.
Users are given event and general notifications before, during and after events, allowing the X-DRL to better communicate with its race teams, drivers and fans.
Whether you are in the stands, pits or watching the Live Feed in your living room, Geddex will make sure you know what is happening at the track.



FREE ONLINE BROADCAST: The X-DRL teamed up with J-Angel Productions and Motormania TV to provide free live online coverage of every event at, Motormania TV, Competition Plus and The X-DRL will be showcased in a live, high-quality stream that will capture every qualifying run and elimination matchup, and all of it will be free and accessible on phones, tablets and computers.

Included in the X-DRL’s incredible live coverage is four cameras – one on the starting line, two at mid-track and the fourth elevated on scaffolding at the finish line.
The live broadcasts will also include extensive features, including instant replays, behind-the-scenes coverage and driver interviews.
The online X-DRL broadcasts will also feature on-track sound and commentary from the X-DRL track announcer.



1320GO.COM: The X-DRL is working with the popular to give fans live timing, making it the ultimate pairing with the live online broadcast or a great standalone if the viewer chooses.

The website will including live matchups and a comprehensive breakdown of each run, including timing and speed incrementals. Members will also have access to the archives to search previous runs during qualifying and eliminations.

Live timing is included in the live feed and also on the 1320Go website.



DRAG RACE CENTRAL: The X-DRL has also formed a partnership with Drag Race Central, one of the biggest sites when it comes to drag racing coverage.

Drag Race Central features detailed rundowns of each pairing in every class, offering a comprehensive rundown of qualifying and eliminations for each class. Drag Race Central is a must-have in the racing world, and the X-DRL is pleased to announce that the site will be offering live coverage of each X-DRL event for the 2013 season.

To add to the convenience, all of the viewing options will be available easily and prominently on the X-DRL homepage. We’re incredibly excited about the Mayhem at the Creek and we want to make sure you enjoy it just as much as we will!


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