The X-DRL Rumbles into MIR for Mayhem at the Creek


Bad BradMaryland International Raceway, which is located on Budd’s Creek Road, outside Mechanicsville, MD, has been thrilling their fans with adrenalin-packed drag racing action for twenty-four years. And with the X-Treme Drag Racing League coming to town, the fever pitched anticipation is about to reach the critical stage for door slammer fans in the northeast that haven’t had a fix since April.

It seems Mother Nature has been raining on MIR’s door slammer parades for the past three months, which means their race fans are way overdue for some full bodied drag car racing excitement. Well, never fear, the X-DRL is going to be there to fill the bill with X-Treme racing action provided by four door slammer classes of cars ready to scorch the 1/8th mile at the Mayhem at the Creek. It’s also no accident Maryland International Raceway fans crave their door slammer action like a drag racer craves their need for speed. MIR track owner, Royce Miller, realized early on his fans loved door slammer action, so that’s what he gives the hungry masses. Over the years Royce has cultivated a door slammer racing program second to none in the northeast because he’s in tune with his spectators and he and his family always strive to give their race fans the type of drag action they want to see. That’s also why MIR and the X-DRL is a match made in heaven for the Budd’s Creek drag fans. They will have the opportunity to witness cars blasting the track during the Mayhem at the Creek that they’ve never seen before. Like the Mustang, Oklahoma, based Team Lethal Acceleration’s Pro X-Treme 58 Vette sponsored by Kryptonite Kustomz’s, owned by Todd Martin and driven and tuned by Brandon Pesz that scorched the track at St. Louis during the X-Treme Gateway Showdown by running a 3.62 at 209 mph!
Budds Creek drag fans will also be thrilled to see the mass of Top Sportsman cars that will be in the house at MIR for the Mayhem at the Creek. Legendary engine builder/racer Pat Musi and his company, Pat Musi Racing Engines are helping sponsor the entry fees for racers in the Top Sportsman class in order to pack the house at MIR. Pat will also be in attendance at Budd’s Creek to help his daughter Lizzy run her beautiful 68 Camaro in the TS class. The Jerry Bickel built piece holds a Musi 762 BB beast between the frame rails with an Edelbrock EFI system to make it roar. Lizzy is also excited to be heading to Budd’s Creek once again. She hasn’t raced there since 2007 when she was still running a junior dragster.

So, as you read this piece the race teams are loading up and hitting the road. The Maryland International Raceway track prep crew led by Jason Miller is beginning to work their magic on the strip. Chris Miller is getting the word out to the masses of Budd’s Creek races fans that the X-DRL is coming, the X-DRL is coming, through the MIR website he designed and he’s also blazing the social media trails as well. And since MIR is a family run affair don’t forget Mom. Linda Miller will be greeting all the race fans at the gate with a smile and taking care of everything else that needs to be done like all mothers do. And Royce Miller, dad and track owner will be sitting back in the owner’s suite taking it easy. Wrong! Royce will be running full throttle the entire event to make sure the racers and fans are having an epic time at his track because that’s what fantastic track owners do. That’s also why MIR has been rocking and rolling for twenty-four years under the direction of the Miller family.

Okay race fans, here’s the deal. I’m giving you an official Bad Brad call out. If you’re within a two hour drive to Maryland International Raceway and you truly love drag racing, then gas up the car, pack in the kids and a few sandwiches too for the road and head to the X-DRL’s Mayhem at the Creek. Dollar for dollar, you won’t find any better entertainment for your money this weekend than at the strip. The on track action will be mind numbing, the up close access you have in the pits to racers and cars is fantastic and the place will be loaded with some of the most beautiful and jaw dropping racing machines any true gear head could ever want to see assembled in one place EVER! Oh, I almost forgot to mention the weather forecast also looks bitchin for this weekend at the track with highs in the low 80s and the 70s for Mayhem Under the Lights. Plus with a sticky track at sea level and trees all around for an oxygen rich environment, historic runs could easily be made. So, don’t miss out on the X-Treme Drag Racing League action this weekend at the Mayhem at the Creek! See you at the drags. – Bad Brad


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