Todd Hoerner


NAME: Todd Hoerner

TEAM: Sonny’s/Hoerner Racing

CLASS: X-treme Pro Stock

ENGINE: 825 cu in Sonny’s Hemispherical Headed Engine

CAR: Bickel 2012 Camaro




Best Pro Stock Finish:

• Was named 2012 Rookie of the Year in the ADRL

• Finished in the top 10 in ADRL Pro Stock in 2012


• Won first race in Pro Stock at the ADRL event in St. Louis in 2012

• The victory First EFI XPS Winner 6/2/2012

• Quickest and Fastest EFI Pro Stocker 6.23 @ 225.45 in the ¼-mile

• Has run as quick as 4.04 in the 1/8-mile, making him the quickest EFI car in the 1/8-mile as well

• First EFI Extreme Pro Stocker to Qualify

• Has won numerous times in a variety of NHRA classes, including Top Sportsman and Comp eliminator. Overall, Hoerner has wins in five different sportsman classes.

• Also competed in NHRA Pro Stock in 2008


Works for Sonny’s Racing Engines, which is also a major X-DRL sponsor



  1. Clay Korb

    February 20, 2013 at 12:14 am

    Todd this is great your dad would be proud of you. It was great racing with you and your dad what a classic your the only person i know that got a ticket racing to the track hey we had a great time racing pro gas i wiil never forget it .
    hey i sold the vega the guy loves it and won some races. good luck in this new season you were always on the cutting edge. I am going to take you up someday on going to one of your races goooood luck.

  2. Bob Landry

    March 15, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    Hey Todd,
    Holmesy and I want wish you the all the best, new car looks great. I watch for you racing and pass along what you’re doing to the Spokane guys. Have a great year and grab a couple more wins if you can!!
    Best of Luck!

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