Top Dragster’s Laramie Reid Crashes During Semifinal Victory At Bash On The Bayou, Avoids Serious Injuries


Laramie Reid escaped injury after crashing his Top Dragster during the semifinals of the Bash On The Bayou on Saturday at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, La.
Reid beat No. 1 qualifier Michael Kile in the semifinals, but quickly got out of control when he pressed on the brakes, hitting the right guardwall hard before shooting across the track on its side and touching the left wall.

It tipped onto its right side before coming to a stop, but Reid got out of the car immediately and suffered no serious injuries.

“Before the finish line I hit the brake hard, but when I let out it felt like it stayed engaged. It went right and hit the wall, and tipped on its side,” Reid said.

“I’ve been driving dragsters since I was 15, and it’s just kind of disgusting seeing it getting unloaded on the trailer. This is the first time I’ve crashed.”

Reid went 4.66 at 137 mph during the winning run in his new dragster, which was running in just its second event.

Reid, whose brother is Pro X-treme and Mickey Thompson Top Sportsman standout Randell Reid, said it was the right rear tire that struck the wall first, sending the dragster careening across the track on its side, shooting sparks into the air during the semifinal session under the lights.

“We’ve got some pretty aggressive brakes on here and (Kile) was coming up on me pretty hard, so I grabbed some brake and it just felt like they stayed engaged when it let out and it immediately went right,” Reid said.

The unfortunate incident also meant that Reid won’t be able to run in the Top Dragster final. He was slated to face Keith Raftery, who will now get a bye run in the championship round.


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