With Excitement Brewing For Pro Turbo Class, Pro Line Racing Named X-DRL Titanium Sponsor For 2013


The X-treme Drag Racing League’s (X-DRL) revolutionary new Pro Turbo class continues to draw plenty of momentum and attention heading into the X-DRL’s inaugural season in 2013.

The latest sponsor to show support for the class is Pro Line Racing, which was announced as an official X-DRL Titanium sponsor on Thursday.

Pro Line Racing will also offer contingency in the X-DRL for the 2013 season, which begins April 6-7 with the X-DRL Spring Nationals at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.
One of the industry leaders in turbo, EFI and drag racing technology, Pro Line Racing is the turbo of choice for standouts like world-record holder Jose Gonzalez, world champion Troy Coughlin, Tim Lynch, Eric Dillard, Jim Bell, Danny Lowry, Rich Zehring, Kevin Fiscus and more.

Like many others, Pro Line Racing is also thrilled with the potential of the new Pro Turbo class.

“I think it’s going to do really well and we really like that the X-DRL added a Pro Turbo class. It gives the turbo guys a place to race, and I think there’s going to be a lot of drivers who come out and run it,” Pro Line co-owner Eric Dillard said.

“This class gives us a great avenue to support more people, and this is a class that just appeals to so many people. It’s going to be fun and everybody is going to push each other. There’s a lot of potential for growth.”

Showing its own steady growth over the past several years, Pro Line Racing and its turbo motors continue to be a popular choice for consumers. It continues to sell more complete turbo engines than it ever has, and Dillard, an accomplished racer, believes the introduction of the Pro Turbo class will bring even more fans to drag racing.

“I think the younger crowd will really be intrigued with the turbo cars, and that’s going to draw more fans. A lot of turbo cars are going to show up and it’s really going to impress some people,” Dillard said.

“I think they will start off running in the 3.80s, but you’ll have guys in the 3.70s pretty quick and, by the end of the year, it wouldn’t surprise me to see some cars running in the 3.60s. I really feel like it’s going to be very competitive, and we’ve gotten a lot of phone calls with people interested in the class.”

Gonzalez, who set the doorslammer world record with a 5.73 at 258 mph, recently went 3.82 at 207 mph in 1/8-mile testing, setting the bar for what should be an action-packed season in the class.

But turbo combinations have also grown in popularity on a number of different levels in drag racing.

“Our turbo crate engine or turbo packages gives customers confidence in the combination. It is designed to be easy to drive and requires little maintenance. The less maintenance needed, the more fun you can have racing your car,” Dillard said.

The Pro Turbo class will be one of the highlights during each event on the 2013 X-DRL schedule, which includes nine races at many of the nation’s top tracks.

“We can’t wait to see this class in action at each X-DRL event this year and we really think it’s going to be a huge hit with fans,” X-DRL Account Executive Keith Goolsby said. “We have already received a tremendous amount of support for the class, and that includes the awesome backing from a great company like Pro Line Racing.”

For more information on Pro Line Racing, visit www.prolineracing.net.

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