X-DRL Continues Priority Of Driver Safety For Bash On The Bayou At No Problem Raceway


One of the first priorities of the new X-treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL) was to build a proven and top-notch safety team to be prepared for any situation at any race facility in the world.

By adding a handful of safety crew veterans to the team and purchasing an impressive list of safety equipment, the X-DRL accomplished that goal for its inaugural 2013 season, and its experienced safety team will again be on hand at the upcoming “Bash On The Bayou” on May 17-18 at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, La.

The X-DRL’s safety team is led by Steve Woods, who has worked in civilian, fire, EMS and rescue for 25 years and is currently the Director of EMS and Rescue Services in Lincoln County, Ky. and an operations captain for Pulaski County Rescue Services. Woods has also been a paramedic for the past 20 years and previously ran the rescue services team at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Joining Woods on the X-DRL safety team is Chris Cox, a paramedic and captain for Pulaski County EMS, and Danny Bray, who also serves in the same position. Cox and Bray have 33 years of combined experience in fire rescue. Additionally, Woods, Cox and Bray are nationally-registered paramedics and serve as instructors for a number of fire, EMS and rescue classes.

As far as safety equipment, the X-DRL’s fire and safety truck includes a state-of-the-art ColdFire fire suppression system and TNT Rescue high-power cutters.

The X-DRL’s John Deere Gator includes a Nitro-Strike fire system and works from the starting line, while other safety equipment present at each X-DRL event includes a number of ATVs, which are equipped with fire extinguishers, push bars and a full medical bag.

All will be present at the X-DRL’s “Bash On The Bayou” at No Problem Raceway, along with a number of other safety vehicles to ensure first-class track and safety conditions.

On site at No Problem Raceway will be an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance, as well as a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance, adding to the safe racing environment the X-DRL has and will continue to present at each race.

“Our safety team has a wealth of experience in handling any situation, and they’ve proven that time and time again throughout their standout careers. We strive to provide the safest possible racing environment and that will again be evident at No Problem Raceway,” X-DRL Director of Operations Chris Bell said.

“There is no greater priority in the X-DRL than keeping our race teams safe and that will continue to be a top focus of the X-DRL at No Problem Raceway and beyond.”

The X-DRL safety team earned high praise from X-treme Pro Stock driver Dean Goforth following his crash last month during Thunder Valley Madness at Bristol Dragway. Goforth struck the wall twice during a qualifying run, but he was out of the car quickly following the crash, and the X-DRL safety team was immediately on the scene.

“The safety guys were there almost as soon as it happened,” Goforth said. “They were there quick and did a great job. They were very professional.”


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