X-DRL Establishes Partnership With NW Radio For 2013 Season


The X-treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL) is excited to announce a partnership with NW Radio, one of the industry leaders in two-way communication.

The partnership establishes NW Radio as the “Official Communication Company of the X-DRL,” and ensures that the X-DRL will use NW Radio for all of its communication needs.

NW Radio, which is based in Houston, provides all two-way radios to the X-DRL for each event to allow for seamless communication between employees. Those two-way radios were used at the first two X-DRL events of 2013 and will be present at all race during the X-DRL’s inaugural season, including the upcoming Bash On The Bayou, which takes place May 17-18 at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, La.

NW Radio also provides headsets to the X-DRL, and works with X-DRL drivers on radio set-ups for their cars. In addition, NW Radio products are available at the Tim McAmis Performance Parts trailer at each X-DRL race.

“I’ve gotten to know a lot of people in the X-DRL and they’ve been extremely good to us, and it’s exciting to be working with them in 2013,” NW Radio Owner Don Cameron said. “I really love working with and helping out the people in this sport. They’re the greatest bunch of people out there. We have a product that works and holds up through the rigors of the sports.

“We went through the trials of it and ended up with absolutely the best product. When we put a radio system in a driver’s car, they are ecstatic.”

Cameron established NW Radio in 1983 and has partnered with several pioneers in technology, keeping NW Radio at the head of innovation when it comes to two-way communication systems. NW Radio has worked with numerous drag racing teams, including the NHRA’s Kalitta Motorsports, and several different associations, but its reach expands well beyond that.

It works with school systems, public safety departments, branches of state and local government and numerous other businesses to provide their two-way communication needs.

NW Radio even started working with the NFL’s Houston Texans, developing an ear mold for the radio system inside their helmets. The ear molds have been a popular item with drag racers as well, as NW Radio specifically makes a custom-fitting mold for each customer.

As far as an effective two-way radio communication system, NW Radio went through extensive trial and error in the racing industry before choosing a Vertex brand that has drawn rave reviews.

“We found a radio that really performed in the industry and one that is really suited to drag racing,” Cameron said. “The Vertex model has been flawless and we have a 3-year warranty on our products as well.”

NW Radio products have also been imperative for the X-DRL to allow for the utmost safety at races.

“We’re thrilled to be working with NW Radio in 2013. Their two-radios have always proven to be reliable and the highest quality, and that is important in running an efficient and safe race,” X-DRL Director of Operations Chris Bell said.

For more information on NW Radio, visit www.nwradio.com or contact (281) 890-4724.


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