X-DRL Officially Purchases Entire Line Of Track Prep And Safety Equipment From Al-Anabi Racing USA

The new X-treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL) is pleased to announce on Friday that it has officially purchased the entire line of track prep and safety equipment from Al-Anabi Racing USA LLC.
The entire line of the proven, popular and state-of-the-art track equipment will be used for the full 2013 X-DRL season, which begins with the X-DRL Spring Nationals on April 6-7 at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park and includes nine overall races at many of the top race facilities in the nation.
This particular set track prep equipment has been used in 1/8-mile doorslammer racing the past two seasons and has drawn universal praise from drivers.
“This is another exciting step for the X-DRL as we head towards our first race. The purchase of this track prep equipment ensures that we will provide the best racing surface possible for all of our racers. We’re already going to be racing at many of the best tracks in the nation and this purchase guarantees that our teams will be racing on some of the best surfaces in the sport,” X-DRL Director of Operations Chris Bell said.
“This track prep equipment is already proven and reliable, and that incredible preparation and traction will give racers the most consistent racing surface from event-to-event. It also gives drivers reassurance that they’re racing on the safest surfaces in doorslammer racing.”
The track prep equipment includes the innovative John Deere tractor with tire rotator and Sweepster brush, which was built by Larry, Cale and Cody Crispe. Additional track prep equipment purchased by the X-DRL is the spray rig, a Bobcat with scraper and a blue tractor that scrubs and washes the track. Combined, it has helped to present standout track conditions for doorslammer racers, leading to record-breaking runs and safe racing environments. The X-DRL also purchased the entire line of track safety equipment to be used on the X-DRL safety vehicles (including Hurst jaws of life), as well as a number of ATVs, a John Deere Gator and much more.
“The talented drivers in this sport spend a tremendous amount of money and put in an incredible amount of time working on the consistency of their car. We want to make sure we provide an excellent surface so all of that work will pay off with amazing performances in front of the fans,” Bell said. “We are thrilled with this purchase and what it will provide our races, and it again shows the direction the X-DRL is headed in 2013.”

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