X-DRL X-Treme Pro Stock Class Draws Top Names in Racing


Pro Stock is universally renowned as one of the most competitive classes in drag racing, and with the collection of names already slated to appear in the X-DRL’s X-treme Pro Stock class, things could be as tight as ever in the X-DRL’s inaugural season.

Some of the most popular and most successful drivers in 1/8-mile Pro Stock racing will be appearing in the X-DRL’s X-treme Pro Stock class in 2013, including standouts like Cary Goforth, Dean Goforth, Todd Hoerner, Pete Berner, John DeFlorian, Kevin Bealko, Doug Kirk, Elijah Morton, Scott Hintz, Richard Penland, Steven Boone and Craig Olson.
Those standouts have already confirmed appearances during the highly-anticipated 2013 X-DRL season, which begins April 6-7 with the X-DRL Spring Nationals at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park and includes stops at nine of the finest tracks in the nation.
With top drivers like the ones listed above – plus more to come – the X-DRL X-treme Pro Stock class will clearly be one to watch throughout the X-DRL’s debut season.
“It truly is exciting to know that so many world-class drivers will be appearing at X-DRL events in 2013, and it is certainly the best of the best when it comes to the outstanding X-treme Pro Stock class,” X-DRL Co-Owner Jeff Mitchell said.
“This class has always presented some of the best side-by-side racing and non-stop action in the sport, and this group of names sets a great tone for what this class will be about in 2013. We really think the fans are going to love seeing these drivers perform in the X-DRL in X-treme Pro Stock.”
Cary Goforth is coming off back-to-back Pro Stock world championships, and is certainly a favorite to become the first X-DRL champion in its X-treme Pro Stock class.
But he will have plenty of competition from the likes of DeFlorian, who set the world record with a 4.01 last year, Berner, a former IHRA world champion, Hoerner, the first Pro Stock driver to win using EFI, and the rest of the loaded X-treme Pro Stock field.
The X-DRLhas embraced the future by allowing EFI in the pro stock class, offering yet another exciting option for the talented drivers in one of the toughest classes in drag racing.
Hoerner will of course campaign an EFI motor from Sonny’s Racing Engines in 2013, but he won’t be alone.
Dean Goforth, Kirk, Bealko and Olson will all have an EFI set-up to start the season, and several more could be headed that route as well.
It’s an exciting move for Dean Goforth, who jumped back into the winner’s circle in 2012 and is always a championship threat. In addition to the world E.T. record, DeFlorian also won his first event in Pro Stock, while Kirk, Morton, Hintz and Boone are standout veterans with event wins in the class.
Penland had a pair of No. 1 qualifiers in 2012, while Bealko and Olson certainly figure to become threats in their new EFI set-ups.
The first 3-second run is also on the line, as Sonny’s 3-Second Club is still up for grabs heading into the event’s opener.
With more marquee names also committing to the X-DRL on a daily basis, the X-treme Pro Stock class will undoubtedly deliver some of the best action in drag racing in 2013.

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