X-DRL to Add 10.5 Class Starting at Mayhem at the Creek


The X-DRL continues to add excitement in its program with the inclusion of a 10.5 class.

According to president Jeff Mitchell, the X-DRL continues to listen to track partners, racers and fans as the program continues to develop throughout the inaugural season.

“We have been looking for the right class to add since before the Spring Nationals that would complement our professional and sportsman programs, work with our track prep strategy and bring the fans the excitement they have come to expect from the X-DRL,” Mitchell said.

“We believe a properly structured 10.5 class will be exciting and fit well with the other classes we currently offer. This will be a 16-car field and use established rules.”

The X-DRL is working out the final details and plans to offer this class starting at Bud’s Creek at the Mayhem on the Creek, July 26-27.

According to Director of Operations Chris Bell, the addition of an Outlaw 10.5 class adds a new type of excitement to the X-DRL. “We want to give the fans a new look with the “Street Car” appearance of the 10.5 cars while giving these dedicated racers the best track and facilities to compete on. Our rules will be out soon but are based on an established set of rules to allow racers the opportunity to race with us at a National event level.”

Rules, sponsors and pay-out information for this class will be released later this week.


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