X-DRL X-Treme Gateway Showdown a Success


Eliminations during the 2013 X-Treme Drag Racing League X-Treme Gateway Showdown at Gateway Motorsports Park moved faster than a huge storm front, avoiding a stoppage and allowing the XDRL to complete another event.

Pro X-Treme low qualifier Brandon Pesz’s ’58 Corvette kept the third driver’s door in two days in place, running a 3.690 @ 204.91 MPH to down Quain Stott’s ’63 Corvette, which ran a losing 3.725 @ 203.25, with identical reaction times. On the other side of the ladder, Tim Tindle’s Mustang outran the Mustang of Todd Tutterow, 3.696 @ 204.57 MPH to Todd’s 3.743 @ 201.70 MPH. The only class which did not finish with an event winner, it will be decided during qualifying at the next event in Maryland.

In Pro Nitrous, it was Bob Rahaim’s Chevy Camaro by default. Billy Glidden had damaged his motor in the previous round, and rather than risk further destruction, he withdrew from the final, handing the win to Rahaim.

pt (3)

The Pro Turbo class’ Todd Moyer prevailed over Mike Murillo, with a 3.908, 200.95 MPH, to Murillo’s 4.339 @ 145.16 MPH.

xps (4)

In the X-Treme Pro Stock final, it was Todd Hoerner in the Mesquite Logistics Camaro, besting Dean Goforth’s identical Camaro, with Hoerner’s holeshot proving to be the difference, as his 4.140 @ 175.64 MPH beat a quicker and faster 4.102 @ 176.84 MPH from Dean’s Camaro. One of the biggest upsets of the season thus far, it pitted a struggling Mesquite Logistics team against the low qualifier, much to the delight of the crowd.

xpm (3)

Extreme Pro Mod’s Kevin Rivenbark, in the Todd Tutterow-tuned ’02 Galot Motorsports Firebird, ran a 3.929 @ 188.49 MPH, to turn back the 3.913 @ 187.12 MPH posted by the Dave’s RV ’68 Camaro of Ron Muenks,.

td (2)

Darrell Reid’s TNT Top Dragster took the class win over local favorite Jason Phillips in his Race Craft car, with a 4.339 @ 157.76 MPH to a losing 4.784 @ 143.69.

ts (2)

Bob Gulitti’s ’11 Camaro ran a 4.213 @ 170.36 MPH in Top Sportsman to take the X over Mike Kikenes’ ’70 Plymouth Duster, which lost a belt and slowed to a 4.513 @ 154.63 MPH.

pjd (2)

Rising to the top of Pro Junior Dragster, Crowley, Louisiana’s Jackson Core defeated Independence, Kentucky’s Tyler Clouse, who ran a 7.904 @ 82.56 MPH, with a .026 reaction time, to Clouse’s 7.922 @ 82.50 MPH, with a .021 reaction time.

The XDRL concluded the Xtreme Gateway Showdown with many new fans, and a following that continues to grow. The next event will be July 26-27, the Mayhem at the Creek, at Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, Maryland.


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