X-Treme Pro Mod Driver Kevin Rivenbark Scored his First National Event Win at the X-DRL X-treme Gateway Showdown

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With four qualifying sessions of X-Treme Pro Mod completed, Rivenbark had positioned himself perfectly at the top of the pack. Driving his supercharged 2002 Pontiac Firebird and seated in the number one spot with his 3.935 at 188.52 MPH pass, Rivenbark also set the Top Speed number for the class.

As the race progressed, Rivenbark got down to business. When he lined up for the first round of eliminations, the GALOT team was confident that he would succeed. The lights dropped, and Rivenbark’s strong 3.951 at 188.10 MPH run gave him the easy win over his opponent. Having earned himself a bye in the next round, Rivenbark opted to take it easy and cruised through to the finals. After a brief rain delay, Rivenbark staged his car, dropped the hammer and never looked back. His 3.929 at 188.49 MPH run not only earned him a well-deserved trip to the winner’s circle, but was also a new career best ET!

Fellow GALOT driver Todd “King Tut” Tutterow also did very well in the Pro X-Treme class with his supercharged 1967 Ford Mustang GT500. Qualifying merely 0.13-seconds shy of the leader, Tutterow’s best run was a 3.765 at 201.40 MPH pass which seated him well for the upcoming eliminations. In the first round, Tutterow went straight, clean and true with a 3.768 at 201.67 MPH run to take the win. He repeated that performance in round two with an even quicker run of 3.760 at 201.61 MPH. In the semi-finals, Tutterow had his best pass of the weekend, but unfortunately his 3.743 at 201.70 MPH trip was not enough to hold off his challenger.

Look for more exciting action from the Galot team at the upcoming X-DRL races!


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