PX’s Diedrich Avoids Crash In Bristol Thanks To RF Safety Device, Now Has Big Hopes For The Bash On The Bayou


Jay Diedrich hopes to run in the 3.70s for the first time in his Pro X-treme career this weekend at the X-DRL’s Bash On The Bayou at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, La. But he’s confident he wouldn’t have even had that chance if not for his Electrimotion RF Safety Device installed in his ’70 Camaro.

The California native ran into trouble at Thunder Valley Madness at Bristol Dragway last month, but avoided a serious incident because his Electrimotion RF Safety Device did its job.

The incident took place during the fourth qualifying session in Bristol, after Diedrich had already posted a solid qualifying time of 3.81 the previous day.

This time, he ran 3.837, releasing the parachutes at the finish line. But the throttle stuck and the engine went wide open as the car turned hard into the opposite lane.

Diedrich couldn’t get to the kill switch, but the engine in his powerful PX Camaro shut off at 5.2 seconds, all because of the Electrimotion RF Safety Device.

“That’s when the Leahy (Electrimotion) device kicked in. If it wasn’t for that, I’m not sure what would have happened,” Diedrich said. “We got sideways and we about had to brace for impact. “Having it is well worth it. I’m happy it’s in there.”

Right before the device did its job, Diedrich estimated that car was going 240 mph while the rev limiter spiked to 10.6. But the RF Safety Device shut off the engine and Diedrich was able to get the car under control in a quick manner.

“It never bothered me having to put one in the car, but I didn’t think too much about it,” Diedrich said. “But it’s worth it.”

Diedrich wholeheartedly praised the RF Safety Device following his incident in Bristol, also recalling how he reacted when the device kicked during a tense time in Bristol.

“I was just screaming and hollering that everything turned out okay. It was a good feeling, but that was on the edge,” Diedrich said.

That’s the edge Diedrich doesn’t care to revisit anytime soon, but there is some reassurance in knowing that the Electrimotion RF Safety Device is beneficial in those situations.

The good news was that minus some minor parts damage, the car wasn’t hurt. Of course, the best news was that Diedrich avoided any serious injuries and that he and his team arrived in Belle Rose with big expectations.

“It’s exciting to get back to the track, that’s for sure. We did a couple things to improve our 60 foot, so we’re looking forward to seeing what happens there. Hopefully we can get it in the mid-to-low 3.70s,” Diedrich said.

“We’re shooting for it. I know the car has it in it, so hopefully we can get out there and run it.”


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